ARISE NIGERIA by Nsemeke Ekanem

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Action may not always bring happiness, but
there is no happiness without action
Benjamin Desraeli –former British Prime Minister.

The above assertion by Benjamin Desraeli underscores the urgency which the Nigerian people, when I mean people, I mean the Nigeria citizens (I have reservations for the frequently used terms -ordinary Nigerians and common man to describe the people that the constitution in section 14[2a] bestows the ownership of Nigeria on) should act to salvage what is left of the wrecked soul of her dear nation. Accordingly, it is also a wake up call on the government to act by addressing the numerous challenges facing the Nigerian state rather than hiding under the cover of a theoretical construction called “transformation agenda’ whose pages does not exist in any government ministry, parastatal or agency. The Nigeria state if we must be sincere with ourselves is a crawling nation with no hope of walking unless the actors or the audience in this melo cum tragic drama swing into action. Everyday what is left as hope for Nigeria keeps degenerating such that the President will spend 72 hours literally translating 3 days lobbying and consolidating political structure for selfish reasons at the detriment of pressing state matters. However, as the party and fighting or as one writer puts it “survivalism” continues in Aso Rock ahead of 2015, I wish to remind all those (on both side- government and the citizenry) conscientiously indicted by this piece with the words of the famous abolitionist, author and diplomat, Frederic Douglass that “the limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppose”. The rape on the economy, the ignition of our once cherished diversities by politicians, and the dislocation of our core values of excellence, integrity and hard work which were once our brand in the global community can be halted if the people stand up and act. This piece is not a call on the Nigerian people to carry arms, though arms we need, neither is it a call to battle the government, though embattled we are. It is a call for the rethinking of the Nigerian state and its current development by Nigerians since the people we elected to do the thinking for us are too busy thinking about themselves, families and cronies. This rethinking is not only necessary but compelling especially as we stealthily approach the divine year 2015. For want of space, so that i do not exceed the space permitted in this blog. I wish to advise the Presidency to stop answering every critic, political party or bloggers like me. They should stop persuading Nigerians to believing that the present government of Dr Goodluck Jonathan is working because development does not hide. Rather than continue in this razzle-dazzle, I will suggest that the leader of the government (which is Mr Jonathan) takes a little time out and sleep to see if he can dream (because the transformation agenda has failed to transform Nigeria) of what Nigeria  should be or look like and act on it for in the words of the renowned Greek philosopher Aristotle, “honour and reward falls to those who show their good qualities in action”. Expectedly, if the Jonathan’s administration fails to translate her good qualities like fighting corruption, tackling unemployment, and reducing the spate of insecurity into action, there will definitely be no reward for him. As the day of reward draws nearer, Nigerians are watching and desires happiness….



3 thoughts on “ARISE NIGERIA by Nsemeke Ekanem

  1. A wake up call is exactly what is needed in our country. Our youths, our elders, our leaders, me, you and everybody need to wake from slumber to our duties, our responsibilities and our work, for the achievement of a better Nigeria.

    Good piece Mr. Ekanem.
    God bless U.


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