life like the movies…


Ladies and gentlemen put your hands together as I make welcome Mr G-ryhmes…. There was a loud cheer for Goodluck as he mounted the key board. After a brief word of introduction, Goodluck fiddled with the keys on the piano and what he sang was nothing short of divine. We were lost!

In my head, I am rambling about success. I am quizzing and questioning why do things have to be so difficult. I mean why is it so depressing to even succeed these days? If you get a job and buy a car, you probably know or would come across 50 people who should, or deserve more than you, but get less. I mean just the other day I discovered my younger sister’s lesson teacher has an Msc in Geology! (My younger sister is presently working while doing her NYSC) My favourite okada man that always takes me to the junction where I board a bus to my office is a graduate of Mathematics from UNIJOS. Recently I was at a business summit organised by my former campus fellowship pastor. As a result of this, I had the rare opportunity to reconnect with so many of my campus fellowship friends. One of them was my music director Goodluck, stage name, Gryhmes.

You see Goodluck was a great influence on my life. Asides the fact that I respect his person I also have huge admiration for his talent. He was such a dynamic singer and he sang so effortlessly, or so he made it seem. It was in a particular choir rehearsal that I got a deeper understanding of what the purpose of my life was. Goodluck had corrected me for the fifth time about my tonal pitch and I still didn’t get what he was saying. Id a fellow chorister, offered to elucidate but to me he was just yarning dust (not making sense). I could see frustration on his face as he resignedly said, “ok Onuh let’s take it from the top again”. You know at UNIZIK then they were two excellent musicians that dominated campus. We had Gluck in Wordof campus fellowship and we had Musti In BL campus fellowship. One had to be super deaf not to be stunned by these guys brilliant performances. They were simply BAD, but do you know that despite all their great singing, their impact/ fame did not exceed the walls of their respective fellowship or should I say campuses. Yeah it didn’t.

After sunday service at Wordof we usually stayed back to exchange greetings. I was waiting for pastor V to come and talk to some of us that were asked to wait behind and Id came to me with a huge smile, “paposki! Nice one”. One after the other I was told how well I sang. I guess the rehearsal paid off. But in my mind that for me was my last time on stage. I was done singing. If I ever had to climb the stage again it would be for something else not singing. My analogy was simple: despite Goodluck’s and Musti’s singing prowess they both had a considerably long journey to fame and stardom. I am not nearly as good as they are, so if I had to pursue excellence in their field I had to put in so much time and effort and with less guarantee that it would amount to much. At that moment I came to a tough but pleasant conclusion that I wasn’t a singer! To me, there was no sense in investing In a diver, no matter how well he dives, to compete against a dolphin in a swimming context! It was then that I began to pay more attention to my writing and speaking skills and I guess that has paid off even if there are still rooms for improvement.

Your talents and gifting will pay you later in life if you pay attention to it now. You see, life is like a movie written by a perfect script writer, how well this movie turns out depends on the quality of how well it was directed. Guess what, you are the director! If you choose to live school with a poor grade, good grade or no grade, its your choice! If you want to be married, or stay unmarried its your choice, you create the character for the quality of life you want, by your self, you start to implement it and time will tell whether your life was comic or tragic! Also at the end we will know whether what you have after spending the allotted time was a flop or a blockbuster it all depends on you. Wake up if you were sleeping and direct your life!

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16 thoughts on “life like the movies…

  1. nicely said Oscky…….i can and will always vouche for your write-up even before openin the page to read through it…you’v got so much message you pass across though trivialized with the icebreaker you alwayz give @ the beginnin of your stories ….So on point bro..Everybody is a star actor/actress of his/her own mivie(life), people around are just cameos( for a while) cos they wnt play a major role til the end of your movie(life)….Buuuh so long am concern…My movie will alwayz be comic..#winks#

  2. Very inspiring….I was smiling all through….I have to say a big thank you for this “THANK YOU ONUH”

  3. Am not suprised but astonished at the level at which your analytical skills have gone to. Atleast Press Club in FGCU showed a bit of what to come in the future am still part of today. Great piece of work here sir. The message is well passed and understood. Keep it up.

  4. Somehow at the end, what really matters is not the grades. An embrace of originality is working in the will of ur gat so many of ‘em bro buh I think you are in it. Life like the movies: sometimes comic and other times tragic. I can’t help wonder why the portmanteau “tragic-comedy”. Anyways, was just passing and couldn’t help noticing a good job Oscar! Bravo brova.

  5. Yes I agree, everyone has the power of choice to make their life turn out the way they desire.. I’m determined to make mine turn out fantastically(if there’s any word like that) lol.. Nice one my friend *thumbsup

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