Who am I would be a philosophical question that requires a life time of perspective to answer but I would save you the drudgery and describe myself in three broad competencies. I am a speaker, thinker, writer and a strategist. I am an information enthusiast committed to using what I know to improve your daily performance. I am not my education but my education and learning is poised to serve you better.My life’s work is dedicated to helping the most misunderstood, most misrepresented and most underrated demography (millennials) find fulfillment in this constantly changing world.

I am excited to meet with you, I hope that whatever insight you glean from my thoughts would cause you to take steps that would advance your world positively.


Consume as much information to distill facts from truths

Present this information in the most simplistic way as possible

Change the world through teaching one person at a time


Be one of Africa’s most sorted after thought leaders by the time I am sixty.


Personal Goal setting plan PGSP. This is an analytical tool that gives your goal clarity, helps you evaluate the financial cost of your goal and appraises your goal in three subcategories; achievable, feasible, and un-feasible. This product would help you with ways that you may achieve your goals.